Frequently asked questions

We have summarised our most frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers for you. If you have any further questions or need further information, please feel free to send us a message using the contact form.

What can I send in for repair?

We generally offer all repairs for phones, tablets and wearables. In addition to the phone workshop, our manufacturer-trained technicians also have all the technical knowledge for the repair of tablets and wearables.

Which brands do you repair?

Within the warranty period, we repair all Samsung, HUAWEI and Wiko devices. Outside the warranty, you can also send us Apple, SONY, LG, HTC, and Nokia devices for paid repairs.

How quickly can my device be repaired?

This varies from device to device and from repair to repair. Depending on how complicated the repair is, our specialists in our phone workshop may need a few hours or one to two days to repair your phone. Delivery time has to be added on too, which means that you should allow 2 to 3 working days for the outward and return journey. Of course, if you stop by our site in Nordhorn, there’s no delivery time. The cost estimate process is also important. If you send in a device for a paid-for repair, you will first receive a cost estimate. The sooner you confirm the repair online, the sooner we can start repairing it and your beloved phone will soon be back with you.

How can I pay?

Online, of course! For paid-for repairs, we use PayPal. You can also pay the bill by “DHL-Nachname” when you accept your parcel – this means that you pay the DHL delivery person at your door when they deliver the package to you. Payment in advance by bank transfer is also possible – please note that it may take a few working days until we receive the payment.

What does delivery cost?

If you use our SmartBox system, it’s free. With the box we send you a free return label which you simply put into the envelope of the box. Then take it to the post office and it’s on the way to us. If you use your own box to send us your device, you’ll have to pay delivery costs, but we’ll ship the phone back to you for free.

Do I have to send in a description of the issue?

When you set up your smartphone, tablet, or wearable repair on our website, you will automatically be prompted for a description of the problem. There you can summarise in a few short sentences what the problem is with your device. Our specialists on-site can then carry out the repair based on what you’ve told us. If you visit us at one of our locations, our reception staff will note down your fault description and take care of the professional repair.

Do I have to send in accessories from my phone, tablet or wearable?

If the defect occurs on your phone, tablet or wearable, you don’t need to send in your accessories. However, if your device isn’t charging properly, we would recommend sending the charger to our specialists in the phone workshop. The same applies to problems with the headphone jack.

Which service provider will send my device back to me?

We use DHL. Therefore we send your parcel back to you via DHL, who offer package tracking online.

Can I have my device returned to a different delivery address?

Yes - just enter the delivery address in the comment field when submitting your repair.

Can I bring in my phone, tablet or wearable in person?

Yes! Our first store in Nordhorn is already open, and we’re planning further stores. Our address and opening hours can be found on this website under Store.

Do I have to backup my data beforehand?

We advise you to back up all your data before sending in the device. Your data will usually be safe, but in some special cases we won’t be able to guarantee this. So that you can use your phone afterwards just as well as before the repair, we ask you to back up your personal data.

How can I back up my data?

Apps like the XDA Backup tool, Holo Backup and the popular Titanium Backup allow fast and reliable data backup. You install the app on your phone and the matching desktop app on your laptop or computer. The same applies to the backup programs often supplied by the manufacturers themselves. The actual process is simple: connect your phone to your laptop or computer via cable, start the backup, sit back – and it’s done. iPhone users can easily back up their data via iCloud.

Do I have to submit the proof of purchase if I have a warranty claim?

Definitely - yes! So we can see when the manufacturer warranty started, i.e. when the device was officially purchased, we need the proof of purchase. A copy on which the invoice date and the device are listed is enough for us. Please send this to us along with your broken device. Simply put it into the SmartBox or your own box and you’re done. If you visit us at one of our stores, please bring your proof of purchase with you. Our staff on-site will make a copy.

I no longer have any proof of purchase - what now?

That makes it a bit harder for us, of course. In an emergency, we can find out from our certified manufacturers Samsung, HUAWEI and Wiko whether your phone is still within the warranty, even without a proof of purchase. In this case, however, we’ll need to ask you for a little more patience. We’ll have to communicate with the manufacturers in the background and the repair process can take a few days longer. For all other manufacturers: we need the proof of purchase or a copy of it.

How can I calculate the price for my repair?

Check the calculate repair price section of our website. Simply select the manufacturer, model and type of repair and a price will be displayed. Once that’s done, you can set up the repair there and then.

Can I see the status of my repair anywhere?

We will inform you by e-mail whenever there is a change in the status of your repair order, if you have confirmed this function while creating your repair order. If you do not use this function, you can log in to your user account at any time and view the status of your repair. From shipping and repairs to return shipping, you will find all the latest information about your smartphone, tablet or wearable there.

I have to tell you my IMEI number. What’s that?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a 15-digit number for phones and tablets. The IMEI number serves as a unique identifier for your phone or tablet. Since no two devices have the same IMEI, this is a helpful tool for unambiguous identification of devices. The IMEI number can usually be found on the original packaging of your phone or tablet. In addition, you can easily query the IMEI via your phone or tablet on the display. Simply enter the code *#06# into the keypad and your IMEI number will be displayed.

Will my warranty be maintained after the repair?

Yes. Because we are a certified and authorised repair centre, the warranty on a phone, tablet or wearable from Samsung, HUAWEI and Wiko remains unaffected.

What kind of replacement parts are used?

We work exclusively with original parts from Samsung, HUAWEI and Wiko. For other manufacturers, we use original parts or parts that are faithful to the originals. This is how we guarantee the best quality for the repair of your phone.

Is there a warranty on the repair itself?

Yes, we give you 6 months warranty on the spare parts we use.

Do I have to include my unlock code?

For us, it is very helpful if you include your unlock code with the repair. Just add this in the comments when you enter your order and our technicians will be able to get working on your repair straight away.

My device is still not working after the repair. What’s the next step?

That’s not what should have happened – our apologies. Please contact our customer service as soon as possible. Please let us know by e-mailing kundenservice@repairdome.de or give us a quick call on 05921 877-6969. Together, we’ll find a quick solution.

What is my lock code?

Your lock code is the unlock pattern or PIN that you use to unlock your smartphone. This usually differs from the PIN that you need to activate your SIM card. If you use facial recognition to unlock your device, we would like to ask you to deactivate this function before sending it in.

My device unlocks using facial recognition - which lock code should I enter?

Unfortunately, if your device is locked with facial recognition, we cannot repair it. This function must therefore be deactivated before you send your device to us for repair. Please enter your alternative lock code when creating your repair order. So your device is optimally prepared for a repair with us..

What is a SmartBox?

Our SmartBox is a padded plastic box, which should enable the safe sending in of repair devices. You don't always have the right box or the right filling material and that's where our SmartBox should help. When you create a repair order, you can order a SmartBox free of charge. We will send it to you on the same day. You can then safely send your device to us with the free SmartBox.