Secure shipping of your smartphone, tablet and more.

Our SmartBoxes helps you send your smartphone, tablet or wearable safely for repair. Not always you have the right box or enough filling material to safely send your beloved device. But not anymore! If you want to send your phone, tablet or wearable to us for repair, we offer you a SmartBox for your safty.

We do not write SAFETY in capital letters for nothing. So that your mobile phone, tablet or wearable not only packs safely, but is also protected from strangers, we will send you a closure seal. Once you've packaged your defective device in your SmartBox well, just put the lid on it and tighten the closing seal - and nothing can happen. No stranger can now open your SmartBox unnoticed and your cell phone arrives safely with us.

How do I get a SmartBox?

It's easy to get a SmartBox from us:


  1. You create a repair order.
  2. While you are creating the order, simply tick "I would like a SmartBox to send my defective device".
  3. You complete your repair order.
  4. You wait comfortably at home for the arrival of our SmartBox.

How long does it take to receive my SmartBox?

Normally, sending the SmartBox to you takes 1 to 3 working days. The same day you complete your repair order, we will send a SmartBox to you.