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Your phone’s broken? Let us help!

Your phone’s broken? Let us help!

Send us your broken phone, tablet or wearable at any time and we’ll repair it for you. Whether it’s inside or outside the warranty – we’ll get your device back in shape!

Of course you can also visit us in the Repair-Dome in Nordhorn and see your phone being repaired. Make yourself comfortable in our Repair-Dome Lounge and let our technicians do the work for you.

Your phone repair

We at the Repair-Dome offer you a complete service package for the repair of your phone, tablet or wearable. Whether it’s a broken screen, water damage, a technical defect or software problems – we’ll repair it as quickly as possible. As a certified and authorised repair centre for manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and others, we offer you the best service – both inside and outside your warranty period. Our skilled and manufacturer-trained technicians ensure fast phone repairs.

The pluses for you

Repairing phones always costs money, whether it’s a broken screen, water damage or a warranty claim. The Repair-Dome Team takes care of all damage, quickly and reliably. If you live in the area, you can make things even quicker by visiting us in person. You can be there in person and keep an eye on your phone during repairs. If you send the device in for repair, we make sure it’s fixed quickly and returned to you right away. Try it out and see for yourself!

Our promise

A broken screen always causes trouble, and it also limits the functionality of your phone. The same applies to pesky water damage. We promise you that we will carry out the repair as soon as possible, and for Samsung and Apple we will only use original parts for your device. For phones, tablets or wearables from other manufacturers, we always use parts that are faithful to the originals. This guarantees high quality and ensures that your phone runs like clockwork again.


So that we can do the best we possibly can for our customers, we use an integrated management system and have been fully certified with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 2002. Certification by well-known manufacturers is just as much a basic part of what we do as making sure all our services are performed in an environmentally friendly way.


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